Attack On Titan: 10 Times Annie Was The Series' Best Villain (2023)

Annie was one of the first antagonists in Attack on Titan. While she originally seemed like an ordinary soldier from the 104th Cadet Corps that joined the Military Police, her comrades eventually learned that she was the inheritor of the Female Titan, one of Paradis' biggest threats.

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Annie was the main antagonist in the Female Titan arc, which took place in the second half of the anime's first season and volumes 5-8 of the manga. She did a lot of terrible things throughout the series, with most of them in that arc. Some fans consider her to be Attack on Titan's best villain.


10 She Destroyed An Entire Nation With The Other Warriors

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Growing up as an Eldian in Marley was very hard for Annie, especially since her father forced her to train all the timeand didn't care about how she felt. When Annie was first given the power of the Female Titan, sheand Marley's other Warriors tested their abilities out against an enemy nation.

Annie and Reiner destroyed everything around them together and took many lives, impressing the Marleyan military. When she was about to go to Paradis for her next mission, Annie's father told her that he regretted how he treated her and that he wanted her to return to him safely. This became her goal, and she would do anything to achieve it, no matter how horrible.

9 She Blamed Reiner For Marcel's Death

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After Annie, Bertholdt, Marcel, and Reiner were sent to Paradis to kill the Eldians living there and bring the Founding Titan to Marley, Marcel confessed to Reiner that he wasn't supposed to inherit the Armored Titan. Instead, Marcel's brother Porco was supposed to get it, but Marcel sabotaged his performance to protect him.

Because of this, Marcel felt the need to protect Reiner when Ymir almost ate him, giving his life for his comrade. Annie blamed Reiner and wanted to return home immediately, which could have resulted in Reiner losing everything he worked for. She could have tried to save Marcel with her Female Titan,but she ran away instead.

8 She Brought The Titans To Shiganshina

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When the warriors invaded Paradis, many Eldians saw the Colossal Titan break a hole into Shiganshina and the Armored Titan charge into Wall Maria. However, they didn't see the Female Titan, who was the one that actually sent all of the normal and abnormal Titans to the walls as soon as Bertholdt finished his job.

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Though there were a lot of Titans in Paradis, they were usually scattered. With Annie's powers, she was able to bring them all to Shiganshina, taking much more lives in a shorter amount of time than if the Titans were still far away.

7 She Trained To Join The Military Police Just So She Could Capture The Founding Titan

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When the Warriors' original plan failed, they decided to train as soldiers in the 104th Cadet Corps. The ten greatest soldiers of their class were able to join the Military Police if they wanted to, which all three Warriors were able to achieve.

However, while Annie went along with the second plan and became a Military Police member, Reiner and Bertholdt joined the Survey Corps instead to keep an eye on Eren, who they learned was also a Titan Shifter. Rather than joining Paradis' military to protect civilians, Annie and her comrades joined in order to kill them more easily.

6 She Wouldn't Back Down From Her Mission Despite Knowing Eldians Were Innocent

Attack On Titan: 10 Times Annie Was The Series' Best Villain (5)

When she was in Marley, Annie was brainwashed by the Marleyans to think that all of the Eldians in Paradis were evil. However, once she had been in Paradis for a while and was able to meet a lot of Eldians, bothciviliansand her comrades in the 104th Cadet Corps and Military Police, she understood thatthe Marleyans had been lying.

The Eldians in Paradis were ordinary people. Despite learning this, Annie still fought against and even killed some of them, just so she could return to Marley and reunite with her father.

5 She Killed Marco

Attack On Titan: 10 Times Annie Was The Series' Best Villain (6)

While Annie may not have wanted to kill Marco, she still took his life anyway. After Annie had saved Connie's life, Reiner suspected that she started feeling remorse for the Eldians.

In order to prove her loyalty, he made her take Marco's ODM Gear off after he heard Reiner and Bertholdt mention that they were the Armored and Colossal Titans. The three Warriors then watched Marco get eaten by a Titan as he begged for them to help him and explain what was going on.

4 She Killed Sonny& Bean

Attack On Titan: 10 Times Annie Was The Series' Best Villain (7)

Paradis' military didn't just kill Titans but also tried to understand them. They had captured two Titans, who they called Sonny and Bean. In order to stop the Eldians from learning about the Titans, Annie took Marco's ODM Gear after he died.

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She used her own ODM Gear to kill the two Titans, and when the military asked to see her equipment in order to determine if she was the culprit, she presented Marco's ODM Gear instead. Luckily, Armin noticed this as he knew exactly what Marco's looked like, which helped him come up with the conclusion that Annie was the Female Titan.

3 She Killed A Lot Of Survey Corps Soldiers

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When the Survey Corps had gone on a mission, Annie transformed into her Female Titan and attacked them. She took many soldiers' lives as she tried to find Eren, hoping to capture him and bring him to Marley. Once she finally found Eren, the Survey Corps was able to lead her into a trap.

However, she summoned normal and abnormal Titans over and was able to get away. Eren's comrades, Petra, Oluo, Gunther, and Eld, fought her and she brutally murdered all of them, causing Eren to transform into his Attack Titan and fight her.

2 She Captured Eren

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Though Eren tried his best to defeat the Female Titan, not knowing its inheritor was Annie, she was able to beat him and kept him in her mouth. Levi and Mikasa teamed up in order to save him. After a difficult battle against Annie, the Ackermanns were able to get Eren out of her mouth and retreated.

Annie failed to bring the Attack and Founding Titans' inheritor to Marley, but she was able to disguise herself as a member of the Military Police for a little bit longer, as Armin came to the realization of who she really was.

1 She Fought Eren & Mikasa

Attack On Titan: 10 Times Annie Was The Series' Best Villain (10)

Suspecting that Annie was the Female Titan, Eren, Mikasa, and Armin tried to convince her to go underground, where she wouldn't be able to transform. When she refused, she understood that they knew the truth and fought them. Eren was in shock but eventually came to his senses and attacked her.

Annie tried to retreat by climbing up a wall, but Mikasa stopped her by slashing her fingers off. Knowing that she lost the battle, Annie used her hardening to form a crystal around her body that wouldn't be destroyed until years later, when Eren began the Rumbling. Once she was awakened, she teamed up with her former enemies in order to save humanity.

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