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Attack on Titan is one of the most popular anime out there right now. We’ve compiled a list of details about all of the most notable characters, including their age, birthday, height, and more.

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    Attack On Titan Overview

    Attack on Titan is an anime about humanity’s struggle against the titans—at least, that’s what it’s initially presented to be. Titans are giant, man-eating creatures who pose a threat to humanity.


    Demon Slayer: Every Main Character’s Age, Height, and Birthday

    The story follows Eren Jeager, a boy with a passion for freedom and an overwhelming desire to eradicate all titans. As the show progresses, you learn that the story is much more complex, and characters become morally ambiguous. Instead of a simple human-vs-titan trope, the story becomes centered around the darker sides of human nature and the issues surrounding nationalism.

    Attack on Titan Character Information

    The following tables break down all the information you’ll want to know about the noteworthy characters from Attack on Titan. The tables for primary characters include name, age, birthday, human and titan height, status, and special titan abilities. For secondary characters, the tables include all of this information except for ages, as most have not been noted.

    Note that the ages and heights of the characters will sometimes list multiple numbers with the specified year following in parentheses, as these factors may have changed over time.

    Spoiler Warning: From this point forward, the article will include spoilers for those who are not yet caught up on the anime.


    My Hero Academia: Every Notable Character’s Age, Height, Birthday, and More

    NameAgeBirthdayHeightStatusSpecial Titan Ability
    Levi AckermannEarly 30s (850), mid-30s (854)December 255'2" / 158cmAliveNone
    Mikasa Ackermann15 (850), 19 (854)February 105'6" / 168cm (850), 5'8" / 173cm (854)AliveNone
    Armin Arlelt15 (850), 19 (854)November 3Human: 5'3" / 160cm (850), 5'5" / 165cm (854)
    Titan: ~197ft / ~6,005cm
    AliveColossal Titan
    Erwin SmithEstimated late 30sOctober 146'2" / 188cmDeceasedNone
    Hange ZoëEstimated early 30sSeptember 55'6" / 168cmAliveNone
    Jean KirschteinEstimated same age as main trioApril 75'7" / 170cm (850), 6'2" / 188cm (854)AliveNone
    Conny SpringerEstimated same age as main trioMay 25'2" / 157cm (850), 5'9" / 175cm (854)AliveNone
    Sasha BrausEstimated same age as main trioJuly 265'5" / 165cm (850), 5'7" / 170cm (854)DeceasedNone
    LobovUnknownAugust 115'6" / 168cmDeceasedNone
    Marlo FreudenbergUnknownFebruary 285'8" / 173cmDeceasedNone
    TomasUnknownApril 205'7" / 170cmDeceasedNone
    Moblit BernerUnknownApril 245'8" / 173cmDeceasedNone
    NanabaUnknownJune 305'6" / 168cmDeceasedNone
    Miche ZachariusUnknownNovember 16'4" / 193cmDeceasedNone
    Oruo BozadUnknownJanuary 65'7" / 170cmDeceasedNone
    Petra RallUnknownDecember 65'1" / 155cmDeceasedNone
    Eld GinUnknownJanuary 306'0" / 183cmDeceasedNone
    Gunther SchultzUnknownJuly 306'0" / 183cmDeceasedNone
    Reiner Braun17 (850), 21 (854)August 1Human: 6’1” / 185cm (850), 6’2” / 188cm (854)
    AliveArmored Titan
    Annie Leonhart16 (850), 20 (854)March 22Human: 5’0” / 152cm
    Titan: ~46 ft / ~1,402
    AliveFemale Titan
    Bertholdt HooverEstimated same age as ReinerDecember 30Human: 6’3” / 191cm
    Titan: ~197 ft / ~6,005cm
    DeceasedColossal Titan
    Pieck FingerUnknownAugust 5Human: 5’1” / 155cm
    Titan: ~13 ft / ~396cm
    AliveCart Titan
    Porco GalliardUnknownNovember 11Human: 5’7” / 170cm
    Titan: ~16 ft / ~488cm
    DeceasedJaw Titan
    Gabi Braun12April 144’5” / 135cmAliveNone
    Falco GriceEstimated same age as GabiFebruary 10Human: 4’6” / 137cm
    Titan: ~16 ft / ~488cm
    AliveJaw Titan
    Colt GriceUnknownAugust 125’9” / 175cmDeceasedNone
    UdoUnknownOctober 74’8” / 142cmDeceasedNone
    ZofiaUnknownSeptember 264’7” / 140cmDeceasedNone
    Marcel GalliardUnknownAugust 10Human: Unknown
    Titan: ~16 ft / ~488cm
    DeceasedJaw Titan
    Tom XaverUnknownJuly 5Human: 5’5” / 165cm
    Titan: ~56 ft / ~1,707cm
    DeceasedBeast Titan
    Eren Jaeger15 (850), 19 (854)March 30Human: 5’6” / 168cm(850), 6’0” / 183cm (854)
    Titan: ~49 ft / ~1,494cm
    AliveFounding Titan, Attack Titan, War Hammer Titan
    DazUnknownSeptember 225'7" / 170cmDeceasedNone
    LouiseUnknownApril 255’1” / 155cmUnknownNone
    Samuel JacksonUnknownDecember 205’9” / 175cmDeceasedNone
    WimUnknownJuly 18UnknownUnknownNone
    HolgerUnknownSeptember 12UnknownUnknownNone
    SurmaUnknownJanuary 235’7” / 170cmAliveNone
    Floch ForsterUnknownOctober 85’7” / 170cm (850), 5’9” (854)AliveNone
    Kenny AckermannUnknownFebruary 46’2” / 188cmDeceasedNone
    Nile DawkUnknownNovember 15’8” / 173cmTurned into titanNone
    Hitch DreyseUnknownMay 105’5” / 165cmAliveNone
    Traute CavenUnknownFebruary 145’6” / 168cmDeceasedNone
    Dot PyxisUnknownSeptember 135’9” / 175cmTurned into titanNone
    HannesUnknownJanuary 186’2” / 188cmDeceasedNone
    Kitz WoermannUnknownAugust 26’4” / 193cmAliveNone
    Rico BrzenskaUnknownDecember 75’1” / 155cmAliveNone
    Keith SadiesUnknownAugust 186’5” / 196cmAliveNone
    Marco BodtUnknownJune 165’8” / 173cmDeceasedNone
    Dhalis ZacharyUnknownApril 155’4” / 163cmDeceasedNone
    Eren KrugerUnknownApril 56’2” / 188cmDeceasedAttack Titan
    Historia Reiss15 (850), 19 (854)January 154’8” / 142cmAliveNone
    Rod ReissUnknownSeptember 15Human: 5’2” / 158cm
    Developed Titan: ~594 ft / ~18,105cm
    DeceasedNotably enormous titan
    Frieda ReissUnknownFebruary 2Human: 5’6” / 168cm
    Titan: ~43 ft / ~1,310cm
    DeceasedFounding Titan
    Uri ReissUnknownDecember 31Human: 5’1” / 155cm
    Titan: ~43 ft / ~1,310cm
    DeceasedFounding Titan
    Karl FritzUnknownUnknownHuman: Unknown
    Titan: ~43 ft / ~1,310cm
    DeceasedFounding Titan
    Grisha Jaeger39 (845)January 26Human: 6’0” / 183cm
    Titan: ~49 ft / ~1,494cm
    DeceasedAttack Titan, Founding Titan
    Carla JaegerUnknownJanuary 295’4” / 163cmDeceasedNone
    Zeke Jaeger25 (850), 29 (854)August 1Human: 6’1” / 185cm
    Titan: ~56 ft / ~1,707cm
    UnknownBeast Titan
    YelenaUnknownJanuary 216’2” / 188cmAliveNone
    OnyankoponUnknownAugust 25’8” / 173cmAliveNone
    Ymir FritzUnknownUnknownUnknownDeceasedOriginal Founding Titan

    Levi Ackermann

    Attack on Titan: Every Character's Age, Birthday, Height, and More | VGKAMI (1)

    via We Got This Covered

    Levi is the Squad Captain—most often referred to as “Captain Levi”—of the Special Operations Squad within the Scout Regiment. He has a reputation for being “humanity’s strongest warrior” due to his exceptional combat abilities.

    Levi is not known for being particularly approachable, considering his demeanor is dark and his words are quite blunt. But while you would rarely catch Levi smiling, it’s clear that he cares deeply for his companions—particularly Erwin Smith, who is the primary reason that Levi joined the Scouts. Additionally, Levi struggles with being a neat freak. He consistently complains any time he gets messy while fighting or when his living quarters are dusty.

    Levi is primarily driven by his desire to preserve human life, as shown by his clear distraught when losing any of his soldiers. Additionally, Levi experiences some mental turmoil when he realizes that the titans he’s been killing were actually human beings.

    Mikasa Ackermann

    Attack on Titan: Every Character's Age, Birthday, Height, and More | VGKAMI (2)

    via AniYuki – Anime Portal

    Mikasa is another notably strong warrior within the Scout Regiment. After her parents were both killed by bandits when she was a child, Eren Jaeger showed up and helped save her. Ever since, Mikasa has been Eren’s most fierce protector and one of his closest friends. She continued living with Eren’s family and eventually followed Eren into the military.

    Like Levi, you will rarely see Mikasa smile, as her demeanor is very serious. Eventually, we learn that Mikasa is the last descendant of the Shogun clan that stayed on Paradis Island.

    It’s clear that Mikasa is primarily driven by her love for Eren. Every decision she makes throughout the series is for his safety and happiness.

    Armin Arlelt

    Attack on Titan: Every Character's Age, Birthday, Height, and More | VGKAMI (3)

    via Distractify

    Armin is the other character within the main trio. Alongside Mikasa and Eren, Armin joined the Scout Regiment, though he is not warrior material in the same way as Mikasa or even Eren. Armin has a gift for strategy and battle tactics, much like Erwin, and he saves the Scouts many times through his planning. Armin is much softer than either Eren or Mikasa, and he is much more perturbed by violence. After sacrificing himself in the face-off against Bertholdt, Armin inherits the Colossal Titan just as he’s on the brink of death.

    Armin is primarily motivated by his desire to see the violence come to an end and his want to experience the world outside of the walls. Since the beginning of the anime, Armin has frequently made comments about wanting to experience the sea, though he realizes he cannot fully enjoy seeing the world until the ongoing war reaches a resolution.

    Erwin Smith

    Attack on Titan: Every Character's Age, Birthday, Height, and More | VGKAMI (4)

    via We Got This Covered

    Erwin was the thirteenth commander of the Scout Regiment. He was not only a genius when it came to concocting a strategy, but he was adept at motivating his men, no matter how bleak the circumstances were. Aside from Hange, Erwin was the most curious character of the group, desperate to learn as much as he could about why things are the way they are. Unfortunately, Erwin was killed in battle before he could achieve this.

    Erwin was strictly motivated by this desire to learn the truth. This was made clear when we see Levi horrified at Erwin smiling in the face of many deaths, simply because they had the opportunity to learn something new. He would stop at nothing to find out the real story behind the titans and the mystery surrounding Grisha’s basement in Shiganshina.

    Hange Zoë

    Attack on Titan: Every Character's Age, Birthday, Height, and More | VGKAMI (5)

    via We Got This Covered

    Hange became the fourteenth commander of the Scouts after Erwin passed away. Since Hange’s introduction, they have been incredibly passionate about the titans. Hange could excitedly ramble all night about their research regarding the titans. They also rarely express fear when dealing with the titans. Hange’s demeanor can change a bit from one moment to the next, but in general they like to act as if they’re making light of a situation, even when they are not on the inside. Out of all the characters, Hange is easily one of the most animated.

    Despite their deep love for researching titans, that doesn’t seem to be Hange’s primary motivation. Like Levi, Hange seems to be driven by a desire to preserve humanity, and they believe that researching titans is the key to being able to do so.

    Jean Kirschtein

    Attack on Titan: Every Character's Age, Birthday, Height, and More | VGKAMI (6)

    via Animehunch

    Jean is a graduate of the 104th Cadet Corps and a current member of the Scouts. Originally, Jean made it clear that he planned to join the Military Police in hopes of a peaceful life inside the walls. Unexpectedly, he found himself inspired to join the Scout Regiment instead, alongside Eren, Mikasa, and Armin.

    Like Eren, Jean is a bit of a hot-head, and the two constantly argue. Jean spends a lot of time questioning if he really has what it takes to lead people and make decisions. He ends up growing quite close with Conny and Sasha throughout the series.

    Conny Springer

    Attack on Titan: Every Character's Age, Birthday, Height, and More | VGKAMI (7)

    via Distractify

    Conny is another graduate of the 104th Cadet Corps. He is quite open, unlike many who are much more reserved. Conny doesn’t have an issue expressing his feelings or opinions on any current events. He quickly befriends Sasha who is also anything but reserved.

    As time goes on, Conny becomes a bit more serious, but his deep care for his comrades always remains clear.

    Sasha Braus

    Attack on Titan: Every Character's Age, Birthday, Height, and More | VGKAMI (8)

    via Puzzle Factory

    As another graduate from the 104th Cadet Corps, Sasha always stood out due to her obsession with food. She always spoke in an overly polite manner to cover up her southern accent. Despite her typical polite manner, Sahsa turns barbaric when food is involved and will rip apart anyone who stands between her and a good meal—especially when it comes to meat.

    Though Sasha’s primary motivation isn’t explicitly stated, it’s clear she cares for people by the way she selflessly put herself in danger to save a random girl from a titan. Unfortunately, Sasha was shot and killed by Gabi later in the series.

    Reiner Braun

    Attack on Titan: Every Character's Age, Birthday, Height, and More | VGKAMI (9)

    via OtakuKart

    Reiner is the Eldian Vice Chief of the Warriors from Marley. His mother was Eldian, but his father was Marleyan and looked down on him for his race once he found out. Reiner, therefore, worked extremely hard to become a warrior to earn the affection of his father by bringing pride to Marley, though this did not work out.

    He did manage to inherit the power of the Armored Titan, and Reiner infiltrated the Scouts on Paradis Island alongside Bertholdt with Annie taking her place in the Military Police.

    He struggled with mental obstacles regarding who he truly is and who the real enemy was. Because Reiner generally appears to be a wholesome guy, his comrades on Paradis Island all looked up to him and were shocked to learn of his real mission.

    Annie Leonhart

    Attack on Titan: Every Character's Age, Birthday, Height, and More | VGKAMI (10)

    via CBR

    Annie is another of the three Warriors who infiltrated Paradis Island from Marley. She is potentially the most reserved character of all, never cracking a smile or opening up to anyone.

    Annie notably excels in hand-to-hand combat, and she uses this to her advantage when she is in Female Titan form. The one person Annie is shown to care for is her father, who she is hoping not to let down.

    Eventually, Annie gets captured by the Scouts and remained underground, protected by her titan’s hardening abilities, until Eren removes all of the hardening.

    Bertholdt Hoover

    Attack on Titan: Every Character's Age, Birthday, Height, and More | VGKAMI (11)

    via Facebook

    Like Annie and Reiner, Bertholdt was a Warrior from Marley. He obtained the power of the Colossal Titan and used this against Paradis Island. Bertholdt had a softer demeanor than Annie and Reiner through most of the anime, though he became firmer in his convictions before he was killed.

    He made it clear that his primary goal was just to end the fighting, and that he thought there was no other way for this to happen outside of the path he was on. Bertholdt also had clear feelings for Annie, though these did not come to fruition before he died.

    Pieck Finger

    Attack on Titan: Every Character's Age, Birthday, Height, and More | VGKAMI (12)

    via CBR

    Pieck is another Eldian Warrior from Marley, though she did not infiltrate Paradis Island with Reiner, Annie, and Bertholdt. She is also the current wielder of the Cart Titan.

    She is an extremely quick thinker, often able to figure out a situation before others can. Additionally, Pieck seems to be a pretty laid-back character. Though her motivation isn’t necessarily stated, it’s clear that Pieck really cares for her comrades.

    Porco Galliard

    Attack on Titan: Every Character's Age, Birthday, Height, and More | VGKAMI (13)

    via Planet Minecraft

    Porco was the younger brother of Marcel Galliard. Marcel was eaten by Ymir when attempting to infiltrate Paradis Island with Reiner, Annie, and Bertholdt. Porco was another of Marley’s Warriors who possessed the ability to transform into the Jaw Titan.

    He tends to be passive-aggressive and bitter towards others, especially towards Reiner, because he blames him for the death of his brother. He is quick to anger and violence, though it’s also clear that he cares about his fellow Warriors. In the end, Porco is eaten by Falco who then inherits the Jaw Titan.

    Falco Grice

    Attack on Titan: Every Character's Age, Birthday, Height, and More | VGKAMI (14)

    via Post Apocalyptic Media

    Falco was a Warrior candidate from Marley who was attempting to become the next inheritor of the Armored Titan. The reason he was so set on becoming the Armored Titan was to protect Gabi, the girl he cares more about. All of Falco’s actions are motivated by his desire to protect Gabi.

    Falco is an understanding character who is much softer than any of the other Warriors or Candidates. Unfortunately, Zeke turns him into a titan. Thus, Falco ends up eating Porco without necessarily meaning to and inherits the Jaw Titan.

    Gabi Braun

    Attack on Titan: Every Character's Age, Birthday, Height, and More | VGKAMI (15)

    via YouTube

    Gabi was another Warrior candidate from Marley alongside Falco. She had been heavily brainwashed, and most of her personality consisted of disgust and hatred for all people on Paradis Island. Despite Falco’s care for Gabi, she seems only annoyed by his existence until he ends up in real danger.

    Once Gabi starts to realize that everything she’d been taught was biased and false, she begins caring more for Falco and thinking through her actions instead of jumping straight to violence in every situation. Unfortunately, this is after she’s already murdered numerous people, including Sasha.

    Eren Jaeger

    Attack on Titan: Every Character's Age, Birthday, Height, and More | VGKAMI (16)


    Originally, Eren was an extremely feisty child who always stood up to bullies, despite his inability to win fights. More than anything, Eren was motivated by his desire for freedom, and his hatred of the titans—especially after seeing his own mother consumed by one. This led him to join the Scouts and vow to eliminate every titan.

    Due to complicated circumstances, it was discovered that Eren was in possession of both the Founding Titan and the Attack Titan. Eventually, Eren also gains control over the War Hammer Titan. After being able to see into the future, Eren’s personality takes a dramatic turn—whether that’s for the better or worse is up to your discretion. Ultimately, he seems to lose all emotion, and he has his heart set on murdering every person on their planet who isn’t from Paradis Island. This is because he believes they all pose a threat to his people. Eren is now primarily motivated by nationalist ideals, or an overwhelming desire to wipe out everyone who isn’t from his homeland.

    Eren was always close with Mikasa and Armin since they were children. However, the current state of their relationship is unclear, as Eren recently told them how worthless they are.

    Kenny Ackermann

    Attack on Titan: Every Character's Age, Birthday, Height, and More | VGKAMI (17)

    via CBR

    Kenny became the captain of the Anti-Personnel squad in the Military Police Regiment. He is known for being a ruthless killer who will do anything for his own personal gain.

    In the past, Kenny helped to raise Levi by teaching him how to be an independent fighter. It seems there is still some care between them, though Kenny did not hesitate to try to kill Levi later in the anime. As it turned out, Kenny was primarily motivated by his desire to feel compassion, which is what drove him to desire the Founding Titan for himself. In the end, Kenny died before seeing his dream realized.

    Dot Pyxis

    Attack on Titan: Every Character's Age, Birthday, Height, and More | VGKAMI (18)

    via OtakuKart

    Pyxis was the top officer in the Garrison regiment. He almost always stayed calm and collected. Like Erwin, he was both a calculating and a gambling man, though he also had more of a care for protecting the peace.

    He was also often light-hearted like Hange, despite ongoing tragic and dire circumstances. Unfortunately, Zeke manages to turn Pyxis into a titan, and the Scouts are forced to put him down.


    Attack on Titan: Every Character's Age, Birthday, Height, and More | VGKAMI (19)

    via YouTube

    Hannes was almost like an uncle figure to Eren, Mikasa, and Armin. He grabbed Eren and Mikasa and ran away with them when Eren’s mother was eaten by a titan, likely saving their life. However, he has regrets about not fighting to save Eren’s mother.

    Hannes is friendly and supportive towards the main trio throughout the show. Unfortunately, in trying to avenge Eren’s mother by fighting the Smiling Titan, Hannes meets the same fate as Carla. Eren and Mikasa are yet again forced to watch a loved one get eaten.

    Historia Reiss

    Attack on Titan: Every Character's Age, Birthday, Height, and More | VGKAMI (20)


    Historia, formerly known as Christa, is the last remaining royal member of Paradis Island. Originally, she was trying to hide who she really was, which led her to bond deeply with Ymir. But largely because Ymir encourages her to be herself, Historia owns her identity and eventually becomes queen of Paradis Island.

    She is one of the most kind-hearted characters in the series, as plenty of others take note of her warm nature. As time goes on, Historia gains more of a backbone and stands up for herself and others. Though it’s clear that her love for Ymir was her primary motivator, Historia’s care for saving humanity is also obvious.

    Grisha Jaeger

    Attack on Titan: Every Character's Age, Birthday, Height, and More | VGKAMI (21)

    via OtakuKart

    Grisha was originally from Marley, where he was married to Dina and had a child named Zeke. He and Dina were members of the Eldians Restorationists, and they harshly tried to force this belief system onto Zeke. Not only that, but Grisha never took any of his son’s feelings or desires into account, leading to Zeke turning in both of his parents.

    This ultimately led to Grisha inheriting the Attack Titan and infiltrating Paradis Island to steal the Founding Titan. We see a dramatic change in Grisha’s personality when he starts his new life with Carla and Eren, this time putting his family first and valuing his child as an individual, rather than an asset.

    It’s still clear that Grisha’s primary motivation is and has always been to restore quality of life for the Eldians, who are treated as sub-human back in Marley. They are also constantly suffering titan attacks on Paradis Island. According to his plan though, he could only achieve this by passing on the Attack and Founding Titan to Eren, resulting in Grisha’s being eaten.


    Attack on Titan: Every Character's Age, Birthday, Height, and More | VGKAMI (22)

    via Amino Apps

    Unlike most of the other characters, Ymir was essentially on her own side. She was not motivated by ideals from Paradis Island or Marley, though Marley is where she is originally from. Ymir spent many years wandering around as a mindless titan before coincidentally eating Marcel, one of the Eldian Warriors from Marley, and thus gained the ability to turn human again.

    She was mostly interested in not only her own safety, but Historia’s. Ymir was blunt and had an attitude, but when it came to Historia, she always grew soft in the end. Her deep love for Historia is mainly what motivated her, though she does choose to selflessly help Reiner and Bertholdt in the end since she owes them. Sadly, this leads to her death, though she chooses this route knowing and accepting that.

    Zeke Jaeger

    Attack on Titan: Every Character's Age, Birthday, Height, and More | VGKAMI (23)

    via Twitter

    After a rough childhood, Zeke became one of the Warriors in Marley, possessing the power of the Beast Titan. However, unlike the other Warriors, Zeke had his own agenda. What Zeke cares most about is ending the Eldian bloodline, so his plan was to “euthanize” all Eldians so they could not have children anymore.

    In his mind, the extinction of his own people is what would lead to peace in the world. Unfortunately for Zeke, this doesn’t seem to go as planned, since Eren has his own ideas about what should take place.


    Attack on Titan: Every Character's Age, Birthday, Height, and More | VGKAMI (24)

    via Post Apocalyptic Media

    Yelena is an anti-Marleyan volunteer who follows the ideals of Zeke Jaeger. Though she almost always appears calm and collected, a combination of dark facial expressions and stories of her from Onyankopon suggest there is more darkness in her.

    Yelena seems most passionate about Zeke himself, showing overwhelming admiration for him to the point that she considers him a god.

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