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Flora Argentine is ReedStone pack’s little loner and glad to be so. Everyone ignores her existence but not because she’s some glasses bearing, baggy clothes wearing nerd, but because her elder brother is the beta of the pack and no one wants to be involved with her. But Flora is perfectly fine with everyone avoiding her as she makes her way towards her last year at the university and leads a simple life without any complications or hardships...or does she?Clay Scotsman is the most popular guy in town and the ladies love him, which isn’t a problem since he loves them right back. The future Alpha of the pack, he has the looks of a Greek God and is a smooth talking charmer who always gets what he wants...except for Flora Argentine. He’s been obsessed with Flora for a very long time, but he dismisses it as simple physical attraction until one day he decides to with it and comes after Flora with all the charm he can master. But once he’s had a taste of her, he finds it nearly impossible to let her go.But Clay and Flora both know that they’re not mates and are dreading the day of Clay’s 28th birthday when he ultimately finds his mate. Is he going to leave her forever for a bond decided upon by the Gods? Or is he going to reject his mate to be with the girl he loves more than life itself? And what will happen when Clay’s mate claims him as hers?

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  • Rejecting The Mating BondChapter 44Malachi Andrews, the Alpha of Lindersay, looked out through the open windows of the infirmary at the two figures lying on two separate beds on opposite sides of the room. Gazing at the star-crossed lovers, he wondered for the thousandth time…could love really conquer all? This wasn’t the first time he had seen a pair, who weren’t mates, be drawn to each other like magnets…or perhaps, the better notion would be, ‘like moths to a flame’? Their love was always ill-fated, would perhaps always remain so. But this was the first time someone had been able to break the mating bond and come out of it alive. The Goddess Selene hadn’t been pleased. It didn’t surprise him all too much since Gods weren’t used to defiance. They believed themselves to be the most supreme beings in the universe. He knew that better than anyone. “Your Lordship.” A moon maiden came to bow before him, her midnight dark hair braided into a thousand braids around her head;
  • Rejecting The Mating BondChapter 43Flora’s P.O.VA blinding light surrounded us at the instant, making me cover my eyes.The entire alter was glowing, including the ceremonial circle on the ground, the light bright enough to light up every corner of the room. It turned everything white and even shielding our eyes didn’t help protect us from the glare. But just as suddenly as the light appeared, it disappeared, plunging us in darkness.When I was finally able to open my eyes, everything appeared to be dark as stars danced in my vision. I blinked several times to clear the haze and then I was searching for Clay. I didn’t have to look long because he was right beside me, trying to shield me from the blinding light. He too blinked several times before his emerald eyes landed on me.“Flora!”He cupped my face in his hands. “Are you alright? Are you hurt?”“No, I’m fine.” I told him, searching him in return for an
  • Rejecting The Mating BondChapter 42Clay’s P.O.VThe gateway to Lindersay was a secret that only a select few knew about. Most people who were taken to Lindersay were rendered unconscious while travelling the pathway to the sacred world of the wolves. It was located in another dimension and everything about it was a secret.Like most of the populace, I didn’t know how this place came into being or when it was formed, but the one thing I did know was the portal that would lead me to Lindersay. It was situated in the middle of a road that only a few travelled through and it lead to a dead-end. But right at that dead end was located the portal to Lindersay. Any car could pass through it…if it was travelling at exactly 102 miles per hour.I knew this because all Alphas were given the secret just in case it was needed. Even Riley or any other beta had no idea how to get here.Just as I saw the dead end approaching, I switched gears and kept the speed at exactl
  • Rejecting The Mating BondChapter 41Flora’s P.O.VWe descended down a flight of stairs to the ceremonial hall where I would be integrated into the Lunar Maidens. From the number of stairs that we climbed down, I could tell that the hall was somewhere underground.This was it. Once this ceremony was over, it would seal my fate forever. My wolf told me that if I wanted to back out now, this was my only chance. But my heart knew it was too late. I could never love someone the way I loved Clay.So I’ll wait for the mating bond to suck me in like it did with Clay and I would live in a world of falsehood, forced to love someone for eternity that I hadn’t chosen. Because I had fate in the Moon Goddess to find that person for me. The lover of my dreams who would love me unconditionally.Finally I could see a door at the end of the staircase and these were made of metal instead of wood. The door was plain and simple, just two bars of heavy iron shut together with t
  • Rejecting The Mating BondChapter 40Flora’s P.O.VI woke up to the sound of light knocks on the door.I sat up in bed, rubbing the sleep from my eyes as I tried to look at my surroundings. It proved to be difficult since my eyes were swollen and keeping them open for long made the hurt. But the knocking on the door continued, so I had to get up.“Good morning.” It was the two women from last night.But the smiles on their faces diminished as soon as they saw my face. “Oh dear!”“Sorry, I…” I shook my head, unable to finish the sentence. What could I tell them? That I was so in love with a man who wasn’t my mate that I decided to leave everything behind and become a Lunar Maiden? That I didn’t think it was possible for me to love anyone else like I did Clay? I don’t think they would understand, no one could.“Here,” the Asian woman held out a tray and on it I found cubes of ice and a
  • Rejecting The Mating BondChapter 39Clay’s P.O.VWhen I arrived at the town square, I found almost every wolf in our pack present there.Alpha Nicolas and Luna Maria were both standing at the centre and as soon as they saw Dorothy with me, smiles broke out on their faces in misunderstanding.“Finally!” Alpha Nicolas came to place his hands on my shoulders. “You’ve come to your senses.”“I’m sorry to disappoint you, uncle.” I removed his hands and turned to Dorothy. “Dorothy has something to say. It’s important.”Everyone looked at Dorothy expectantly, waiting for her to be the bearer of good news, but Dorothy shook her head with a sad smile. “The mating bond is gone. I stopped feeling it this morning.”Several gasps sounded from all directions as whispers began to rise.“How is this possible?”“Is she lying?”“They must have fa
  • Rejecting The Mating BondChapter 38Flora’s P.O.V“And how, may I ask, did you come to know of the Lunar Maidens?”Malachi’s voice hadn’t changed but his eyes were hard and focused only on me, causing me to squirm. The shove of power that had receded a minute ago was now back in full force, shoving against my senses like an avalanche.“Some warriors from a pack told around about them.” I told Malachi through gritted teeth as the power shoved harder, making my head ache. “They turned rogue after a few days and their pack relocated. So some members joined our pack.”“And these members,” he frowned. “How many people did they tell?”“No one.” I brought my hands to my temples as the headache turned to pain. “Just me. I haven’t told anyone else.”The power disappeared just as suddenly as it had appeared and I was left gasping for breath and feeling like my hea
  • Rejecting The Mating BondChapter 37Flora’s P.O.V “This way.” I followed the guards in silence as they led me down another corridor, another long hallway. The wolf capital of Lindersay was a spiralling maze and I had a suspicion that it was same for most of the shifter towers that made up the sprawling city. However, I had no doubt in my mind that each tower would be different, their planning made in such a fashion that one race couldn’t intrude on the other, couldn’t spy on them through any angle. And with all the hallways? I was sure that only the permanent residents of the tower ever came close to remembering them. We turned another corner and followed another hallway, and instantly I could tell that these were residential quarters. There were several rooms on either side of the hallway but the space didn’t feel as distant as the rest of the hallways I’d travelled. There was a brightness here that I hadn’t felt elsewhere, even though I couldn’t tell the difference on the sur

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