Sea of Thieves: How To Complete The Wild Rose Tall Tale (2023)

By Rosh Kelly

The fifth Tall Tale is Sea of Thieves Shores of Gold Arc is Wild Rose, a tragic love story. Here's how to complete it.

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The fifth Tall Tale is Sea of Thieves Shores of Gold Arc is Wild Rose, a tragic love story. Following the hearts of Rose and George across the Shores of Plenty region, this Tall Tale includes both puzzle solving and combat.

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Although the Wild Rose Tall Tale is smaller in scope than some of the Tall Tales you will have already done, it stills worth having an extra set of cutlasses and pistols to help you should you encounter the other pirates, or the foes set about in the path of George and Rose.

How To Start The Wild Rose Tall Tale

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The Wild Rose Tall Tale In Sea Of Thieves

The Wild Rose Tall Tale starts in Sanctuary Outpost (F-7) in the Shores of Plenty. To begin the Wild Rose Tall Tale you must have completed all the previous Tall Tales in the arc, from Shroudbreaker to Stars of a Thief. At the Sanctuary Outpost, head to the Order of Souls tent and you’ll see the Voyage Book besides Madame Olive.

Once over half your crew has voted from the Tall Tale, it will begin and Madame Olive will ask you to seek out her friend Rose. With a journal in hand, available in your quest item inventory, you must set out to find the Chest of Memories so that Olive might be able to track down the pair.

How To Find The Chest Of Memories In The Wild Rose Tall Tale

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The Chest of Memories in Sea of Thieves

This part of the voyage is pretty easy. While the first half to the Journal contain a diary of the meeting and romance of the pair, one page will say where the chest is buried. This will be very plained stated so you shouldn't have any problem tracking it down but we've included all the information so you have it all in one place.

There are three possible locations where the Chest might be found depending on what the pages say, which are Boulder Cay, Rapier Cay, or Sandy Shallows. Each of these is a pretty small island, so can see the drawing which hints at the whereabouts on the island the chest is buried, but if you’re struggling we add a little more detail beyond.

On Boulder Cay the chest is buried right in the middle of the sand bar that connected the two leafy sections.

On Rapier Cay the chest is buried on the western edge of the island on the thin vein of grass that runs to the sea.

On the northern side of the Sandy Shallows you can find the chest buried next to a rock by the sea.

Once you’ve uncovered the Chest of Memories, you will find extra journal pages inside that will be added to the journal in your quest item inventory.

How To Find The Box Of Spices In The Wild Rose Tall Tale

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The Box of Spices in Sea of Thieves

The new pages will lead you to beloved possessions of the couple, a Box of Spices and a Music Box. The first story will lead you to the Box of Spices.

To find it for yourself, you’ll might need to reread the earlier sections of the diary to piece together the locations, or otherwise use your map table to find the areas being discussed. If you’ve looking yourself, use the images to help narrow down where the treasures are buried. Where the couple are standing on any drawings is the figurative X marks the spot where you should dig so you’ll have to match the landmarks in the drawing with what you can see on the island when you arrive. Remember to use the background the drawings to, as they might give away which side of the island to search for by what islands you can see in the distance. If you’re struggling, we have all the solutions to the five possible Box of Spices locations below.

Doing What I Do Best will take you to Boulder Cay. This time you’ll want to dig under the first tree on the southern edge of the sand bar.

If you’re hunting down Our First Kiss, you’ll want to head to the Lagoon of Whispers and dig up the northwestern sandbank.

Should the couple be discussing the Pig Chase, it’ll be the Salty Sands you want to head towards. Once there you’ll want to search the northern island for a colourful fern and dig underneath it.

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If the diary pages are discussing The Day We Found Out Pendants you’ll have to search the western coast of Sea Dog’s Rest near the supply barrels for a place to dig for the Box of Spices.

The story titled We Survived Our First Ambush will lead you to Cannon Cove, where the Box of Spices can be found on the edge of sand and grass along the north western coast.

Once you’ve found the Box of Spices you’ll need to find the Music Box as well and since you’re carrying two items, why not take that nice chest they buried so you can carry them both more easily.

How To Find The Music Box In The Wild Rose Tall Tale

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The Music Box in Sea of Thieves

Finding the Music Box is much the same as finding the Box of Spices. There will be a named entry in your journal that leads you, through cross-references to the earlier diary entries and drawings, to a dig spot for you to find the Music Box. Below is a guide for each of the entries if you’re struggling to piece them together.

Our First Bounty takes place in Lone Cove and you can find the Music Box buried under a lone tree on the western edge of the island.

The Perfect Plan takes players to Sailors Bounty where they can find the Music Box buried under the bottles dangling from some wreckage on the east side of the island

Day 81 will require players to head out to Lonely Isle and dig beneath the palm tree on the south side, near some barrels.

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For The Argument¸ you’ll have to head to Twin Groves and dig under the palm tree surrounded by stones on the northern edge.

Our First Dance was on Wander’s Refuge so find the tree to the norther near the cave entrance and follow the dance instructions to find this digging spot.

Our Vows takes you to Smuggler’s Bay where you’ll have to dig on the west side of the broken arch bridge.

Once you’ve collected both the Box of Spices and the Music Box, return them both to Madame Olive in the Order of Souls tent on Sanctuary Outpost so that she can create a compass to help you find the lost lovers. Don’t forget to pick it up as you leave.

How To Find Rose And George In The Wild Rose Tall Tale

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Rose and George's Pendants in Sea of Thieves

Once you’ve returned to Madame Olive with the Music Box and the Box of Spices, she will use them to create an Enchanted Compass that will lead you to the pair. Set sail once again, this time following wherever the compass points. There’s a variety of islands you can find Rose on so just follow the compass until you reach the right one, much like the Cursed Rogue Tall Tale, then use it again on land to lead you to Rose herself.

Once you’ve discovered Rose and taken the pendant and the note from her, the compass will realign to point in the direction of George. Once again follow the compass across the waves until you arrive at the island it directs you to. From there you’ll find the Skeletal Captain Rooke.

Rooke is not a Skeleton Lord so this fight isn’t much more difficult than your typical Order of Souls Voyage. Once they have been defeated, take the final piece of the pendant and return them both to Madame Olive on Sanctuary Outpost so the lovers can be reunited. Once that happens, you will have completed the Wild Rose Tall Tale.

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