Vuse Alto Review: Can This New Pod Mod Out Muscle the Juul? (2023)

The Vuse Alto is a pod vape created by Vuse, a subsidiary of the R.J. Reynolds tobacco company.
It is a relatively inexpensive, draw-activated device that beginner and on-the-go vapers should find suitable for their needs. It uses QuietDraw™ technology that makes noise-free drags every time it is used.
Vuse Alto pods are non-refillable and can hold 1.8 ml of e-liquid heated by 1.1-ohm coils that use ceramic wicking. It is powered by a 350 mah battery that lasts for an extended period and charges quickly.

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Table of Contents

  • General Overview
  • What Comes in the Kit?
  • Internal Building Quality and Design
  • Vuse Alto Pods
  • How to Use
  • Vuse Vape Among Other Pods
  • FAQ
  • Specifications
  • Verdict

Why is the Vuse Alto Generating So Much Interest?

It has gotten much attention because some reviewers believe this kit outperforms the Juul. That is not far from the truth because it has many features and specifications that make it a better device in some areas.

The pods hold 1.8 ml of nicotine e-liquid. It does not have as much e-liquid capacity as other pods have, but their pods can several days with heavy vaping. Plus, they are held to the battery magnetically, and their 1.1 ohm, ceramically wicked coils make decent-sized clouds. The pods are powered by a 350 mah battery that should last for at least a day.

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Another technical feature that makes this pod system stand out is its QuietDraw™ technology. Whenever the user takes a draw, he or she will hear no whistling, bubbling, or popping noises. It makes it a great device for beginners and those who want a device that can be used without disturbing others.

The first thing users will notice when they take the device out of its package is how ergonomically designed it is. The edges are perfectly rounded, so holding it is like holding a marker. The mouthpiece is perfectly smooth, and its size is comparable to a cigarette’s butt end, allowing it to comfortably fit between the lips.

What Comes in the Vuse Alto Kit?

The Vuse Alto kit comes with:

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  • power unit,
  • charger,
  • one flavor pack with two pods.

Choose from four flavors: original tobacco, menthol, mixed-berry, and rich tobacco. But, unfortunately, this is all they have to offer. Also, Vuse Alto liquids have three nicotine strength options (18mg, 24mg, and 50mg).

Internal Building Quality and Design

The body has a marvelous design with no sharp edges, and how the inside is put together makes this device unique. There are no issues with leaking or liquids bubbling inside of the pod. The pods hold to the battery very well thanks to the magnetic connection, which is easy to separate. Users should have no issues with the pod and battery coming apart accidentally.

A Battery That Lasts

The pod boasts a 350 mah battery that can last one day to a day and a half, depending on how often it is used. It charges quickly, under one hour to be precise, and the charging cord is long enough to be vaped while it is charging. It uses a proprietary charger. Using another charger is not recommended.

Why Is Vuse Alto Blinking Green?

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The device has a green LED light whose flashes have several different meanings:

  • The light glows when producing vapor
  • The light fades out when the drag is complete
  • The device blinking green needs to be recharged
  • Solid green when charging
  • Green light turns off when charge is complete

Pay attention to the lights when vaping, so the device does not shut down unexpectedly.

How Long Do Vuse Alto Pods Last?

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Vuse Alto pods are prefilled with different e-liquids. Some users will find this inconvenient and try to “hack” the pod by opening, refilling, and using it again. Refilling the pods is not recommended. After it is put back together, it will leak, and the leakage could damage the battery. Also, the company will not return the money if they find that the device and its pods have been used improperly.

People try to hack non-refillable pods because they think they are saving money, but doing this is unnecessary for the Alto pod vape. Their pods are not that expensive. The pods cost $13.49 for a two-pack. Together, the two pods should last four to six days, which should suit most people’s budgets.

How to Use the Vuse Vape

The beauty of devices like these is that they are easy to use. There are no temperature or wattage control functions, and the coils do not have to be replaced or re-wicked. To operate the device, charge it, insert the pod, and inhale. There are no firing buttons because it is draw-activated. Therefore, it is advisable to wipe off the mouthpiece every so often.

Vuse Alto’s Competitors


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The Juul is the device to which the Vuse is most often compared. Both pod systems are easy to use, but the Alto has several advantages. The Juul has .07 ml pods that can last for around 200 or so puffs, and it has a 200 mah battery. It also has sharp edges that make it a little inconvenient to hold.
The Vuse Alto’s charge time is faster, cheaper, and it has longer-lasting pods, a more powerful battery, and smoother edges, but one area where the Juul excels is in the flavor department. The Juul has eight flavors, while the Alto only has four.

Vuse Vibe

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The Vuse Vibe is a draw-activated device that is good for those looking for a portable and affordable vape. It feels like holding a black and mild, costing $19.99, while the tanks go for $9.99.
It is a cost-effective unit since the tanks hold 2 ml of liquid and last two days. It holds more nicotine liquid and is cheaper than the Alto but has a lower nicotine strength.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are Vuse Alto pods FDA approved?

    No, Vuse Alto is not FDA-approved. But the FDA approved R.J. Reynolds Vapor Company for e-cigarettes such as the Vuse Vibe and tobacco-flavored closed e-liquid pod. The company also received approval to sell Vuse Ciro and the accompanying closed pod for tobacco-flavored nicotine e-liquid. Therefore using Vibe or Vuse Ciro kit will be a great alternative for vapers looking only for devices that have already received official approval.

  • How to charge Vuse Alto without a charger?

    We strongly recommend you not to charge your device without a charger or make a charger by yourself. It can be dangerous for you, and you can damage your vape.
    To charge the device without the original charger, you can use, for example, a charger from a smartphone. The Vuse Alto uses a USB-C (Type C) charging cable. So you can charge your Alto vape using an Apple Macbook or any other USB-C compatible charger.

  • Where to buy Vuse alto?

    Vuse vapes are available in convenience stores nationwide and online stores, so you can find your preferred tobacco-flavored Vuse device even at gas stations. But Vuse Alto FDA Approval is in the process, so buying it offline can be difficult. So we recommend you look for this Vuse model at online stores.

Vuse Alto Specifications

QuietDraw™ technology: Yes
Battery Capacity: 350mAh
Pods Capacity: 1.8mL
Nicotine Strength: 1.8%/ 2.4% / 5.0%
Coils Resistance: 1.1ohm
Number of flavor options: 4

Pros & Cons


  • Ergonomically and comfortable design
  • Long-lasting battery
  • One pod lasts two to three days
  • Leak-free and noiseless operation
  • Budget-friendly


  • Limited flavor profile
  • Pods could be a little larger

Final Thoughts about the Vuse Alto

The Vuse Alto is a decent pod mod that beginners and experienced users will appreciate.
It is easy to use and portable, producing decent-sized clouds for such a small device. Its noiseless operation makes it great for vaping discreetly, and its rounded edges allow the user to do so comfortably and conveniently.

Another thing that makes this unit worth purchasing is that it uses an amazingly robust battery that guarantees an entire day’s use. Plus, the pods last not that moderate time as 0.8ml Juul’s do.
There are a few disadvantages to using this device, too. The pods are excellent and last a long time, but it would be nice if Vuse could create a pod that held two to three milliliters of nicotine e-liquid. The size of the pods is not a big deal, but the limited flavor selection is. Vuse should consider adding a few more flavors to the arsenal.
It is a great pod, and there are no regrets on this end for trying it out. What do you think of this vape mod? Please let us know by commenting below.


What is the difference between Vuse and JUUL? ›

Additionally, the Vuse Alto has smoother edges, making it more comfortable to hold and use. However, the Juul excels in the flavor department, offering eight flavors as opposed to the Alto's four. Both brands offer nicotine strength up to 5%, but the Juul has a bit of an edge in terms of variety.

What is the difference between JUUL and Alto? ›

The Vuse Alto has a draw that's tight like a cigarette, and even tighter than the JUUL. And the hit is really strong. In our opinion, it's actually stronger than the JUUL when comparing comparable strengths. On top of that, the hit on the Alto doesn't seem to taper off either.

Can you use other pods in Vuse? ›

Can I use Vype ePod cartridges with a Vuse ePod, or vice versa? A: Yes. All pods, cartridges and vape kits under the Vuse name will retain compatibility with their Vuse counterparts.

Is Alto Vuse being discontinued? ›

BAT added the Vuse Alto styles remain under review and will continue to be available for adult nicotine consumers.

Does a JUUL pod have the same amount of nicotine as cigarettes? ›

Every JUUL pod contains highly addictive nicotine, roughly as much nicotine as an entire pack of cigarettes. JUUL does not make any nicotine-free pods.

What vapes are compatible with JUUL pods? ›

What cartridges fit JUUL? The best Juul Compatible Pods to fit your Juul device are the ZiiP Pods, 4X Pods, Eonsmoke Pods, Sea Pods, and Airbender Pods. These pods come in a variety of flavors, nicotine levels, and strength. They are all compatible with Juul devices and provide a great vaping experience.


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